Hopes for My Hometown: Vote for Fran Fox-Pizzonia

"Local artist Julienne Kaleta wrote this comic about the relationship between warehouse developments in the Village of Montgomery and corruption in local government, and why voting for Fran Fox-Pizzonia for County Legislator in District 9 is an important step towards accountability and a new, hopeful vision for Montgomery."


October 2021

For immediate release:

Sexual Harassment Violation by Legislator Steve Brescia  

On October 8, 2021 the public learned two important facts through an article released by the Mid-Hudson News. First, it revealed that Legislator Steve Brescia “violated the county’s policy against discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment in the workplace, according to an investigation by the county’s human resources department”. Second, we learned that Mr. Brescia himself released the findings letter to the Mid-Hudson Times to “avoid the perception of a coverup”. In fact, it weaponized the report.


Both actions should have serious consequences. I join Republican and Democratic leaders in calling for the resignation of Mr. Brescia from his Legislative duties effective immediately.


Violations of Sexual Harassment Policy and the very systems designed to protect complainants should be taken seriously. We have come a long way to create systems to bring sexual harassment complaints forward by offering protections to complainants to end workplace harassment, intimidation, retaliation and fear. 


I also call for the Bi-Partisan Orange County Legislative Chamber to act swiftly and effectively in enforcing immediate sanctions against Mr. Brescia should his resignation not be forthcoming. 


Mr. Brescia has a long history of treating colleagues and women with blatant disrespect without consequences. This incident has been no different. Instead of responding with dignity and empathy, Mr. Brescia doubled down to minimize his behavior by releasing information to the press to convince the public and his constituents that his offensive behavior ‘wasn’t that bad.’


This past summer we learned that Mr. Brescia’s Mayoral violation of three women’s First Amendment rights resulted in a settlement, costing taxpayers over $30K. Mr. Brescia’s response was that it was ‘covered by insurance’ and then blamed the public for his loss of self control.


Mr. Brescia’s actions are reprehensible. He has demonstrated repeatedly that he lacks the moral fiber, upstanding character and basic integrity to hold public office. 


For decades, Mr. Brescia’s Legislative colleagues failed to address his inability to carry out the duties of his office with dignity and respect.  With just a few weeks to go before Election Day, it is now up to the voters. 


"Legislator Steve Brescia’s resignation as County Chair did not happen overnight and for no reason. While I respect the Republican leadership of Orange County for putting pressure on Mr. Brescia to step down as Chair, it is important for this same Leadership, now, to be open and transparent with the public regarding the behaviors and actions that transpired to finally set in motion what the Democratic caucus has been demanding for years. The public should not have to read between the lines!


Mr. Brescia’s abuse of power, pay for play politics, and verbal harassment of colleagues and the public have been tolerated for decades. Playing a key role in the County IDA’s scandal, disrespecting the County Sheriff’s department and playing politics with people’s lives in a pandemic are not only incompetent and negligent, they are dangerous. Losing the Chair of the Orange County Legislature is simply not enough.


Voters in District 9 must ask themselves this- Does Mr. Brescia really bring “Experience You Can Trust”? 


The answer is “No!”


Can Republican leadership in Orange County continue to back Mr. Brescia for another term as County Legislator? It’s time to show bipartisan leadership and speak up. 


Voters will decide on November 2nd to finally put an end to Mr. Brescia’s failing representation and vote for a leader who has the experience, character, temperament and respect to serve the people of District 9."

September 2021

For immediate release:

Statement from Fran Fox-Pizzonia, Candidate for Orange County Legislator -District 9 Regarding Removal of Chairmanship position for Steve Brescia  


“I applaud NYS Comptroller Tom DiNapoli and Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler for their diligent investigation of crimes and gross incompetence that plagued the Orange County IDA.

Local taxpayers have every right to feel cheated out of their hard-earned tax money and the public trust they put into the County Legislature responsible for IDA Board Member appointments.

As one of the recently removed IDA Board Officers involved in this shameful behavior, County Legislator Steve Brescia, representing parts of Montgomery and Wallkill, must be held accountable for the incompetence that resulted in these fraudulent, criminal activities.

County residents, especially those in District 9 (parts of Town of Wallkill and Town of Montgomery) deserve honest, transparent, competent representation.”

June 2021

For immediate release:

official statement from fran fox-pizzonia

February 2021

Fox-Pizzonia launches campaign for Orange County Legislature in District 9


My name is Fran Fox-Pizzonia and I’m running for Orange County Legislator in District 9. I’m running to bring back respect, integrity, and trust to represent you in Orange County Government. 

I was born and raised Brooklyn-tough. I come from working class roots. My parents were incredibly strong people who overcame enormous obstacles. My Mom raised (4) children when my father died suddenly when I was 9. She struggled to make ends meet but she never stopped fighting for us and fighting for her rights, all while teaching us to be compassionate, strong and independent. These experiences led me to become a Social Worker, created my passion for human rights and instilled a foundation of service and faith that I tapped into later to support my oldest brother through addiction, recovery, and end of life Hospice care. 

Over the last 16 years I’ve raised two amazing kids, Matt and Liz, right here in the Town of Montgomery with my husband, Henry, once a small-business owner, now a 20 year veteran High School Science Teacher at Valley Central.


I built a 28 year career in the mid-Hudson Valley working in Community Health, Human Services and Public Affairs. I’ve held leadership positions in Program Development and Grant Management.  I’ve managed million dollar budgets, and worked to advance policies that directly impact people’s lives.  


In my spare time, I’ve been an active volunteer in my community, within the Valley Central School District (including one term as a School Board Member) and as a Vestry Member of St. George’s Episcopal Church. My career, my family, and my faith bring me to public service today.

These are challenging and unprecedented times for all of us. As we continue to work together through COVID-19, our Schools, Small Businesses and Health Care Systems will need our focus now more than ever.  And I believe the Orange County Legislature is in dire need of New Leadership to tackle the issues at hand today. 

We need a public health system that creates real goals to combat the opioid epidemic, expands mental health services and increases access to quality health care for all.  We need to build solutions that focus on smart, strategic, economic growth that lead to actual, secure jobs, livable wages, and affordable housing for all, including our young adults, new families and aging seniors. In order to realize ALL of these goals we need to approach racial injustice head on.


I am a passionate advocate for reproductive rights. I believe strongly in free speech and the power of non-violent civil disobedience to fight injustice. I support smart gun control and science-based clean energy solutions to climate change. 


I promise to be a public servant that listens to you, represents your concerns and holds myself and my colleagues accountable to decisions that are made on your behalf. You matter and as your County Legislator I will represent you with honesty and respect.

I’m ready to fight hard for creative solutions and I know TOGETHER we can make Orange County a more wonderful place to live. 

In solidarity,

Fran Fox-Pizzonia