"These are challenging and unprecedented times. As we work together through COVID -19, we will need to renew our focus on our schools, small businesses and health care systems. With three decades of experience serving my community as a Social Worker, I know what it takes to find creative solutions, navigate governmental agencies, and get things done efficiently."
Corruption and Your Taxes

Your County Government Leadership must be competent and diligent to ensure the public trust. Like you, I am sick and tired of seeing my taxes increase with not enough to show for it. And I’m just as tired of hearing how tax breaks to big corporations will help our local economy while no one holds them accountable to make good on their promise.


As stewards of your tax dollars, County Legislators are charged with providing proper fiscal oversight of all County expenditures. The NYS Comptroller and Republican Orange County District Attorney Hoovler both cited the Orange County Industrial Development Agency Board (which included Legisator Steve Brescia) for negligent and incompetent oversight that resulted in fraud of $1.3 million. And while tax relief was gifted to big corporations, small businesses were left struggling while homeowners and renters (through increased rents) were left holding the bag on increased school taxes.


As your County Legislator I will fight for a thorough, external investigation of the County IDA and a review of all County budgetary compliance. It’s time to end corruption. It’s time for our tax investments to pay off and It’s time Orange County Government worked for YOU!

COVID-19 Support and Recovery
We need effective advocacy with County and State partners to ensure that our most vulnerable and essential workers receive priority access to COVID-19 vaccines while we seek increased resources for COVID-19 testing and vaccines for mass distribution. We need safe, strategic planning to reopen our schools, and increased support for small businesses to recover and thrive. We need public nursing care for our elderly and infirmed that ensures their safety, dignity, and quality of life while investing equally in our health care professionals through livable wages and best practice standards of care.
Racial Justice
Black Lives Matter. We need to approach racial injustice head on. Our communities need leadership that listens, centers equity, and commits to real systemic change. We need to invest in our youth, engage our changing, diverse communities and support black owned businesses. We need to hold our institutions accountable to creating specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based goals.
Economic Development

As business development continues to expand in our communities, we need to ensure that development provides secure jobs, livable wages, and affordable housing for all so that our seniors, young adults and new families can continue to work and thrive in our communities. We need our county government to make smart financial investment decisions for large and small business development, support and growth. We need to advocate for fair industry ratings so that our wages and salaries match our cost of living increases. We need  housing development that supports working class families and seniors on fixed incomes. We need an adequate public transportation system so that people of all ages and income brackets can access employment, education, health care, and recreational activities. 
Public Health
We need a Public Health System that creates real solutions to the Opioid epidemic. We need expanded Mental Health Resources to reduce stigma and ensure immediate access to individuals and families seeking care. We need to advocate for quality, affordable health care for all so that our most vulnerable, including our seniors, don’t have to choose between their survival and their financial stability.